How We Work

No project is ever the same they vary from size, type and how much training or maintenance you need later. However most share these common stages and milestones below:

Kick Off

We’ve heard your initial ideas and we’re getting excited about what we can do with them. We’ve agreed what needs to be done, so now we sit down with you and your stakeholders to tease out the detail behind the pitch.
From this research we put together the project scope document that all stakeholders agree and we’ll also set up some time frames for the project, so you’ll know what to expect.

Define The Project

We put together a roadmap for your project which serves as a guide to what the project will have, what we expect from you, how we expect to collaborate with you and vice versa.
In this phase, we will also help you decide what technologies should be implemented, in a website case studies it would be advice on the type of elements such as interactive forms, eCommerce, flash, etc. can be incorporated into the plan


We create a wireframe layout to show navigation and areas of information, focusing on basic outline design and content, ignoring distractions such as text, colours and graphics, to ensure that all the user experience (UX).
Wireframes are quick, adaptable and easy to adjust, so this provides a great opportunity to collaborate with you.


Drawing on our knowledge of design principles we create design layout concepts for review and approval. We’re aware that design is subjective so constructive feedback and collaboration is expected from you, allowing you to influence and support the design process, before handing over to our developers.ed into the plan


Behind the scenes, we begin to piece the work together,  utilising all the design elements, copy and functionality you have agreed. As these underlying mechanics get put in place we share progress with you, letting you test early and often.

Testing & Delivery

Before we launch, we check to make sure the code written is up to standard and in case of web site project, we check if it’s fully functional, error free, validated and meets the current web development standards.
We also encourage our clients to carry out and sign-off user acceptance testing at the very end of the project to ensure complete satisfaction be the project goes live.

Support & Maintenance

Once the project is launched, we move into a support role where we offer a warranty period to fix any unforeseen issues which are covered as part of the original development.
Moving forwards we offer different levels of support, from periodic individual updates to agreed monthly support contracts as well as emergency cover if required.

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